GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker
GSM GPS Locator Tracker

GSM GPS Locator Tracker

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Always worried about losing your beloved dog? The pet tracker allows A-GPS, allowing you real-time tracking of your dog. You can track your pet via smartphone with a GPS accuracy of 5m thanks to google maps on mobile. The Pet tracker will allow you to also check and replay all of the location-history thanks to the web monitor centre. The device goes into standby mode when there isn’t vibration or movement for 3 minutes in row, then going back to working mode when it feels vibration. You can also set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict the movement of your pet within a specific area, so that you will be sent a message when the geo-fence has been crossed. The unit is light weight only 33g. Please Note: 2G GSM


Item Size: 62*30*18mm (2.7”*1.4”*0.78”)
Feature: Waterproof
GPS type: GPS Tracker
Model Name: TK911
Gps Module: Yes
Screen Size: Under 2 Inches
Voltage: 5V
Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up, standy of up to 200 hours
GSM: 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900mHZ
Tracking: GPS Tracking
Network: GSM/GPRS
APP: Support

GPS sensitivity: -159dBm  Waterproof Tracker
Time To First Fix: Cold status  45s  Waterproof, Warm status  35s ,Hot status  1s 
Battery: Chargeable changeable 3.7 V  500mAh Li-ion battery
Storage Temp: -40 to +85 centigrade degree 
Operation Temp: -20 to +55 centigrade degree 
Humidity:  5%-95% non-condensing  

How to US:

1.GPS tracking can be used outdoor.
2.Please make sure GSM SIM card supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network.
3.Please make sure GSM SIM card is with sufficient balance.
4.Please make sure the GSM card has turned on call and turned off the call transfer.
5.Please insert the GSM phone card correctly.
6.Do not assemble and disassemble device at will


Fail to turn on
Please check if battery is charged

No GSM signal 

1- Please check if SIM card installed correctly.
2- Please check if SIM card is GSM network.
3- Don't turn on the PIN code
4- no calls can be diverted
5- Please check if unit is charged

No GPS signal 
A more open view of the sky is recommended to make sure the device can receive the GPS signal.
 No reply to SMS command
Password wrong or the format is wrong
 No reply to calling & No alarm message
Authorized / admin phone number is incorrect or has not been setup
SMS position OK, cannot use the APP and web platform
Pls check if APN is correctly set. And pls find out the correct APN content of the SIM card.
Platform position is difference from the actual position
Not uploading position or no GPS signal: call the device phone number and receive the position message.
Package Contents
1* Tracker Device
1* USB Cable
1* Collar
1* User Manual

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